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Changing the future of Sleep Science

Introducing Cerebra Enterprise - The Complete Study Management Platform

Two-thirds of the world’s adults don’t get enough sleep

Insufficient sleep, a global public health epidemic, has serious negative impacts to human health, chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, acute performance issues leading to workplace safety incidents, as well as lost productivity and absenteeism. And despite $65 billion in annual spending, the problem continues to get worse.

Why? Because we are only just beginning to understand what truly happens in the brain when we sleep. Until now, even the most sophisticated sleep labs have relied on manual methods developed more than 50 years ago that give us only a superficial view of brain activity when we sleep. Cerebra changes all of that.

Cerebra Digital Sleep Analytics

The new standard for Researchers, Clinicians and Sleep Specialists

"Traditional sleep scoring methods don’t capture the true depth of sleep. The holy grail of sleep research is a metric of sleep depth. That’s a major move forward in medicine and health care."

- Dr. Charles H. Samuels MD, CCFP, DABSM / Medical Director, Centre for Sleep and Human Performance / Past President, Canadian Sleep Society

New: Cerebra Sleep Scoring Services

A convenient outsourced scoring service brings efficiency, reliability and unique insights

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R&K versus Cerebra ORP Sleep Depth Scoring

Cerebra’s digital measure of sleep depth (ORP) captures thousands of levels of sleep depth throughout a night’s sleep. Cited more than 500 times in sleep research, ORP is being used by researchers and clinicians around the world to reveal connections between how a person sleeps and critical aspects of their mental, physical and emotional health.

A manual and surface-level view of sleep

  • Developed in the 1960s – the current standard of sleep analysis

  • Manually interpreted, leads to subjective analysis and varied results by sleep specialist

  • Provides only surface-level understanding of brain activity during sleep (e.g. the 4 sleep stages)

A digital and true measure of sleep

  • Developed by Dr. Magdy Younes Global Sleep Expert

  • Digitally processed, automated and completely objective analysis

  • Captures thousands of data points to understand brain activity during sleep

Acknowledgments and Recognitions

Recognized as a top 30 Accelerator Company in the class of 2020 by Medtech innovator.

Proud to be a Health 2.0 2019 "VentureConnect" finalist for healthcare and rising startups.

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