Team of leading sleep scientists win the American Academy of Sleep Medicine award by using advanced sleep analytics based on ORP


June 15, 2021: Winnipeg, Manitoba. A team of leading sleep scientists led by Dr. Amy Bender of Cerebra Health (Cerebra), a leader in sleep science, has won the inaugural American Academy of Sleep Science (AASM) Sleep Disruptors competition. The competition challenged sleep science leaders to reinvent the management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The winning team included Dr. Amy Bender, Cerebra Director of Clinical Sleep Medicine, along with Dr. Eric Chalmers of Cerebra, Dr. Magdy Younes of the University of Manitoba, Dr. Melinda Jackson of Monash University, Dr. Richard Berry of the University of Florida and Florida Health Sleep Centre, Dr. Najib Ayas of the University of British Columbia and Leon Judah Blackmore Centre for Sleep Disorders. The team described a transformational future where in-home, sleep lab quality diagnostic testing combined with Cerebra’s proprietary Odds Ratio Product (ORP) analysis provide the tools for clinicians to deliver on the promise of convenient, personalized treatment of sleep quality for patients.

“In laboratory sleep testing is the gold standard for diagnosing sleep disorders but the technology is costly and inconvenient while a wealth of information is not being utilized as a patient’s diagnosis is reduced to how many times their breathing is disrupted while sleeping.” says Dr. Bender.  “As a result, a patient’s sleep quality is often ignored in the prescription of CPAP therapy for sleep apnea which we believe is a fundamental cause of poor results.  Without a true understanding of sleep, patients simply aren’t getting the help they need.”

The winning submission “Putting the Sleep back into Sleep Medicine” described the opportunity to include sleep quality as a part of OSA diagnosis. Objective sleep measurement through Cerebra’s ORP analysis allows physicians to understand the impact OSA is having on the patient’s sleep, dramatically improving the diagnosis and management of OSA. The team also presented research demonstrating how the use of new in-home, self-applied sleep testing such as Cerebra’s Prodigy Sleep System, will reduce the overall cost of sleep diagnostic testing.  It’s this combination of scaled testing and objective measurement of sleep that is set to change the field of sleep medicine.

“We know we can do better,” adds Dr. Bender, “By using advanced sleep analytics based on ORP we can start to truly understand the impact of OSA on a patient’s sleep and better direct therapy tailored to a patient’s individual OSA diagnosis.  We’ve always known how important sleep is to health and now we have the tools to directly measure and treat sleep as a primary outcome of sleep medicine.”

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About Cerebra

Cerebra Health Inc. (Cerebra) is a Canadian medical device technology company transforming the future of sleep diagnosis and therapy. Cerebra’s proprietary sleep depth metric ORP is the most accurate measure of sleep depth and is being used by researchers and clinicians around the world to gain greater insight into an individual’s sleep and enable the personalization of treatments for sleep disorders.

Cerebra Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cerebra Health, operates an ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System for the design, development, and manufacture of EEG sleep monitoring systems and medical device software for collection and analysis of physiological data recorded during sleep.  Cerebra Medical holds an MDSAP certificate in conformance with the requirements of Health Canada and FDA.

Developed by Dr. Magdy Younes and licensed exclusively to Cerebra, ORP is the most accurate measurement of sleep depth. ORP moves beyond traditional scoring methods and sleep staging to dig deeper into brain activity and sleep depth, with the first automated, digital, and detailed analysis of sleep. ORP captures thousands of data points to understand brain activity during sleep, better informing treatment of sleep disorders and improving patient outcomes. Understanding sleep depth is fundamental to revealing connections between how a person sleeps and critical aspects of their mental, physical and emotional health.

About AASM Sleep Disruptors Competition

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine 2021 Sleep Medicine Disruptors: Change Agents competition encourages sleep medicine practitioners, patients and support staff to reconsider the management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Teams were challenged over a 6-week period to generate ideas to reinvent the management of OSA so that it is more effective, efficient and more patient-centered.  The winning team was announced at the Plenary session of the AASM SLEEP 2021 conference.  For more information on the contest see