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Enterprise by Cerebra

A complete study management platform

Allows for integration with Prodigy Sleep System and Cerebra's Enterprise Portal

Device and configuration management

5 configurations to choose from, including Level 2, Level 3, and EEG only.
Multi-night study options available.

Access to study status and validation details

Stay up to date with study progress throughout all stages.
Access post-study validation details and understand why a study passed or failed.

Direct access to patient reports and study files

Following RPSGT review, access study reports immediately in the portal.
Reports include Cerebra’s exclusive ORP sleep depth metrics.

What's Included

Enterprise Portal

Easy-to-use portal that allows for study management and quick access to study details.

  • Manage patients and keep track of study progress
  • Easily configure devices and manage inventory
  • Access patient reports and raw data directly
  • Control when reports get released to patient
  • Access study data before study kit gets returned
  • View post-study validation details
  • Manage staff users

Prodigy Sleep System

The most advanced patient-applied system for in-home polysomnography.

Key Features:

  • Lab-quality, wireless signal collection
  • Multi-configurable
  • In-home data collection with 4G data streaming
  • Simple setup by user, no technologist required
  • Easy-to-use tablet experience that includes setup videos
  • Pre and post study validation included on tablet
  • Easy to reprocess equipment and packaging

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Prodigy Sleep System and Prodigy DSA are manufactured by Cerebra Medical