Winnipeg, Canada – December 11 , 2019 

Leaders in digital sleep analysis, Cerebra are pleased to announce two new partnerships with health-focused companies based in Western Canada. Partnerships with Centre for Sleep and Human Performance and Reh-Fit certified fitness centre demonstrate the increasing importance of understanding the impact of sleep when it comes to our overall health and well-being.  

 “We know getting a good quality sleep has many benefits, including optimizing physical and mental health and quality of life,” explains Dawson Reimer Cerebra CEO. “These partnerships are further evidence of Cerebra’s commitment to the advancement of sleep analysis to help people sleep better. We share a common goal to help people achieve their best possible life and together we will provide Western Canadians access to at-home, advanced digital sleep analysis, continuing the push for real change in the sleep and health industry.” 

Medical sleep experts incorporate Cerebra’s at-home sleep study into their services 

Cerebra has partnered with The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary, an accredited sleep medicine and research centre that focuses on the clinical evaluation of sleep disorders, shift-work sleep disturbances, the relationships between sleep and obesity, and sleep in elite athletes. 

Dr. Charles Samuels, Medical Director at The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance and Past President of the Canadian Sleep Society, is an advocate for the important impact of sleep to our overall health, daily performance and quality of life. The early diagnosis of poor quality sleep and sleep disorders is key and requires access to properly trained sleep clinicians and sleep diagnostic technology. 

“Working with Cerebra provides our patients with immediate access to high quality sleep diagnostics in the comfort of their own homes, across Canada. We help shift workers such as law enforcement officers, Olympic athletes, commercial pilots and the general population manage sleep disturbances and sleep disorders. Cerebra’s technology provides us with unique and in-depth insights into the quality of a patient’s sleep and whether poor sleep is a factor in their overall health. Cerebra’s digital technology offers our physicians and patient’s, a new opportunity to employ remote sleep testing in addition to our full-service diagnostic sleep laboratory where we can diagnose and treat more complicated cases of sleep disorders – this digital expertise will make a real difference to our patients.” Comments Samuels.

Fitness Centres recognize the importance of sleep in physical performance 

Cerebra is also announcing a partnership with the Reh-Fit Centre in Winnipeg, Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility. Reh-Fit Centre’s members will soon have access to Cerebra’s digital sleep analysis technology as a part of their assessment services.

Cerebra’s in-home study is available for purchase in western Canada at and through the Company’s clinical and retail partners.


About Cerebra 

Cerebra Health Inc. (Cerebra) is a Manitoba-based, digital health company focused on improving access to advanced digital sleep analysis and diagnostic technology for the assessment of sleep and the diagnosis of sleep disorders. 

Cerebra Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cerebra Health, operates an ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System for the design, development and manufacture of EEG sleep monitoring systems and medical device software for collection and analysis of physiological data recorded during sleep.  Cerebra Medical holds an MDSAP certificate in conformance with the requirements of Health Canada and FDA.  

Cerebra digital sleep analysis provides unmatched capabilities for in-home sleep analysis, with a focus on improved user experience, state-of-the-art technology, and increased operational efficiency.  Cerebra is also working in partnership with leading sleep scientists and researchers to revolutionize clinical sleep medicine by leveraging its core capabilities in digital sleep analysis.

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