Cerebra is excited to have had five studies accepted and displayed at Virtual SLEEP 2020. These studies displayed the unique ability of Cerebra’s ORP (odds ratio product) metric to objectively measure sleep depth and demonstrate its clinical application to objectively describe REM sleep quality, detect and quantify differences in sleep depth across both hemispheres of the brain, personalize how much sleep an individual needs, assess the impact of sleep quality in the selection of therapy for sleep apnea, and the distinct advantages of ORP as a marker of sleep depth compared to delta-wave measurement.

The following 5 studies are:

  • Odds ratio product as a measure of sleep depth during REM sleep: Effects on REM duration and REM sleep fragmentation
    • Mazzotti, D. R.1 Younes, M.2
  • Comparing two measures of sleep depth/intensity
    • Younes, M.1 Schweitzer, P. K.2 Griffin, K.2 Walsh, J. K.2 Balshaw, R.3
  • Change in sleep depth across the night as a measure of sleep adequacy
    • Schweitzer, P. K.1 Griffin, K.1 Younes, M.2 Walsh, J. K.1
  • Correlation between sleep depth in the right and left cerebral hemispheres following sleep deprivation, restriction, or noise exposure
    • Younes, M.1 Kuna, S. T.2 Pack, A. I.2 Schweitzer, P. K.3 Walsh, J. K.3 Smith, M. G.4 Basner, M.4 Aeschbach, D.5
  • Comparison of ORP and other Polysomnographic metrics among responders and non-responders to upper airway stimulation treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
    •  Yu, J. L.1 Keenan, B. T.1 Kuna, S. T.2 Younes, M.3


Learn more about these poster abstracts here: