1. Treating sleep apnea is no cure for insomnia, study suggests.

    Research sheds new light on the underlying mechanism of poor sleep. Winnipeg, Canada Excessive wake time is commonly viewed as a direct consequence of sleep apnea or periodic limb movements. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medi…Read More

  2. Cerebra update on COVID-19

    In response to COVID-19, Manitoba has announced all non-essential services to close April 1st through 14th. While Cerebra will continue to provide sleep study services for our clinical partners, we are suspending sleep study services ordered directly…Read More

  3. How many times is your sleep disrupted every night?

    Sleep disruptions can do a lot of harm, and you might be experiencing more than you remember. Feeling sleep deprived is common today—considered a natural consequence of our busy, modern lives. And the fact is, at least one-third of Canadian adults …Read More